advice on sleeping with a recently divorced coworker

I’ve been sleeping with a coworker (no one at work knows) since October who is recently divorced, 13 years older than me, and I think he has a girlfriend on east coast…but the sex is too good to stop lol

Wow. Okay. Wow. Did I say wow? I’m shaking.

I needed to take a breather, drink some water and eat before addressing this one. I’m serious.

First and foremost, how the fuck do you manage to keep secrets? I’ve never been able to keep a secret in my entire life, ESPECIALLY from coworkers. You’re amazing. I applaud you.

I really have an intense and overwhelming desire to know how this began. Were there always flirtations between the two of you, even before his divorce? Does he seem 13 years older? Oh my god. This is incredible. Please be on my podcast.

Okay. God, there’s so many different things I want to say, but my brain is going all over the place. This is some TEA. Thank you. I mean it.

You say you think he has a girlfriend. How sure is this, and why do you think that is? I would, of course, encourage you to do the ethical thing and not continue hooking up with someone who has a girlfriend, but also, you don’t know for sure. So this may not be the biggest issue here.

Instead, the issue may be (and almost ALWAYS is) the man himself.

This guy is recently divorced, and started hooking up with his 13-years-junior coworker. This guy is recently divorced, and already potentially has a girlfriend on the east coast. This guy is recently divorced, and is balancing two people as well as god knows how many others on the side?

I don’t know how hard good sex is to come by, because I have only had sex with one man, and it happens to be beyond fantastic. But I would imagine you can find good sex elsewhere, right? And even if you can’t find it with another human being soon, there are toys for that.

Live your life, but seriously. I mean it. Fuck this guy. Metaphorically, of course.

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