advice on a Zoom first date

I matched with this guy on hinge and we have been chatting/texting for over a week. The conversation seems really natural and it doesn’t hurt he is cute. I asked him to do a zoom date (cause I don’t have an iPhone lmao #notpoor just #unique) and he is down for this weekend! I am usually so good on first dates, confident, love the qwirkness (#imquwirky) love the bashful smiles, and know how to keep a conversation alive (if I’m still interested of course #famous) but I need some tips for my first ZOOM DATE!!! Is it weird that I feel it’s almost more personal? Any help is appreciated 😘

My first advice is to get an iPhone. What are you doing out here with an Android?

Just kidding. Kind of.

Okay, I’m very excited for you! I honestly think I would feel the EXACT same way if I were dating during this quarantine. To me, there’s something so fun and thrilling about a first date. The body language. The evening being spent with someone you don’t even know. The thrill of whether or not he will text the next day. It’s INCREDIBLE.

Zoom dates just seem… scary?

This is coming from someone who hates phone calls and FaceTiming with a deep and intense passion. Pre-quarantine, I wouldn’t FaceTime someone unless it was absolutely necessary. I wouldn’t call someone unless it was work related or my mom. There’s just something about connecting in that way that seems so AWFUL. How do I hang up? How do I make situational jokes? I can’t do anything I deeply desire to do!

With everything going on, I’ve had to get good at it. I’ve attended Zoom parties with friends. I’ve connected with family I haven’t seen in months or even years on video chat. I’ve even had to record my podcasts in this way.

And now? I still hate it. But I’ve gotten better, and it’s our new normal.

If you love first dates normally, you will learn to love Zoom dates, too. Mostly because you have to. But it’s great to know that more than likely, the person you’re going on a date with is going to be more nervous, because of the video chat aspect AND the first date aspect. So you’re winning.

My best advice I can give is to have a drink first, wear your favorite outfit and have a plan to end the call early in case you need to. Tell him that you need to watch a movie with your family or take out the dog. Any excuse works, really.

You got this. Let me know how it goes!!!!

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