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advice on sliding into a TikToker’s DMs

So my therapist pointed out that I’m apparently too mature for my own good and find dating trivial. While she didn’t have to read me for filth like that, she’s not wrong. Honestly I don’t like the idea of dating and would rather just jump into a relationship but obviously that’s not going to happen. […]

advice on uncircumcised penises

Found out the guy I met virtually during quarantine is not circumcised. I don’t know what to do now, but I know it’s safer if they are and I’m not very comfortable with that! Thank you for submitting this question! I got some new questions from going ~viral~ on Twitter (okay, only two), but it’s […]

advice on a Zoom first date

I matched with this guy on hinge and we have been chatting/texting for over a week. The conversation seems really natural and it doesn’t hurt he is cute. I asked him to do a zoom date (cause I don’t have an iPhone lmao #notpoor just #unique) and he is down for this weekend! I am […]

advice on a possible cheating boyfriend

Hey Alex, So I need advice. I’m currently in a relationship of 4 years. Me and my boyfriend have been “open” with each other and have given each other our phone passcodes. Idk why but I recently saw him messaging an old friend (a girl) on Facebook who I’ve had spoken to him about in […]

some personal news: I hate writing ✨

Not actually. Not really. But sometimes, yes. I haven’t been writing on this website or in general as much as I wanted to. I mean, we’re in a pandemic, and I know every Instagram therapist says we should really be forgiving ourselves right now. And it’s true. We should. But my type A personality and […]

advice on your hookup getting a girlfriend

Where to start… I’ve recently had a good friend whom I was hooking up with (was this a bad idea? Signs are pointing to yes!) end our sexual relationship in a one-and-done text (I say this because I did not give him the time of day to try and make himself the victim with his […]

advice on questioning your sexuality

I feel I am bisexual but how do I actually know it. I have had, for a fact, attraction to men but when it comes to attraction to women I am not sure if it is something real. I am so confused that, probably sadly, I have not lost my virginity. Help? Not sadly. Not […]

advice on your boyfriend’s mom talking smack about you

my boyfriend’s mom told him she thinks I’m controlling and said lots of bad things about me because we didn’t want to move cross-country and live in her house. now she wants to act like it never happened, refuses to talk about it ever again, and never apologized!!  Oh, wow! Okay. This is probably not […]

advice on falling for an emotionally unavailable man

hey girl, what’s up!  I am falling in love with a man who is emotionally unavailable. I know he cares about me and likes to spend time with me, but he’s 100% not emotionally there. I am so into feeling feelings and it’s a hard adjustment to deal with. It’s hard for me to express […]


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