some personal news: I hate writing ✨

Not actually. Not really. But sometimes, yes.

I haven’t been writing on this website or in general as much as I wanted to. I mean, we’re in a pandemic, and I know every Instagram therapist says we should really be forgiving ourselves right now. And it’s true. We should.

But my type A personality and excessive need for achievement makes me think I really need to be churning out all this content for me to feel like everything is normal.

Newsflash to me and anyone else who might need it too: Right now is not a normal time. Forgive yourself.

So if I am in the mood to write, I will allow myself to write. But if I’m in the mood to eat multiple packets of blueberry Pop Tarts and play Neopets for hours on end, I’m going to let myself do that too.

I promise to everyone who submits to this website that I WILL get to your questions and stories. I will. But I might play some Neopets first.

Submit your anonymous questions/stories here.


I’m bored and want to give you advice

Hi! My name is Alex, and I like drama.

That’s really all you need to know about me, but I guess I can explain more. I, like you, am stuck at home with nothing to do. I currently do not really have a job, and I’m an extreme extrovert with a lot of friends that I miss very much. The only thing getting me by at this time is Zoom parties and telling everyone about my discovery of FaceTime sex.

I decided to post on Instagram stories asking for people to tell me about their love life, and people DELIVERED. Some people were happy and quarantined with the love of their life, which is fantastic I suppose, but some tidbits I got were JUICY. Which inspired me. Why don’t I ask people to send me their anonymous dating stories for advice? Plus, people are going to spill even MORE tea when it’s anonymous. Right? (Please, for the love of GOD.)

I got, like, eight submissions so I decided to make a website. Welcome. I will be posting all my advice here. You can send in your anonymous dating/sex/relationship questions/stories/tea on this form.